Minitel videotex in action

The mission Minitel Research Lab, USA is to create a comprehensive, independent digital Minitel museum and resource center; to explore the technical, social, political and legal significance of the Minitel network; and to make creative use of the machines to incite critical thinking about network design.

The Lab was founded by communication researchers Julien Mailland and Kevin Driscoll. The physical collection is held in Bloomington, Indiana, at Indiana University.  We'll be happy to show it to you - just email mailland at indiana dot edu for an appointment.

Recently Added Items

Listel: Repertoire des Services Teletel No. 5 (Janvier 1987)


Listel was a guidebook for Minitel services produced by a third party. It includes a much larger and broader range of services than the official…

Le Guide du Minitel No. 3 (Fevrier 1988)


Another third party guidebook for Minitel. This edition of the "Le Guide" promises 4,500 services.

Envoi: L'Annuaire des Services Minitel (France Telecom, 1993)


This Minitel guidebook was published in 1993 by France Telecom. The preamble includes a short insert consisting of 16 full-color, glossy pages with…

Man & Woman, "Sex on the Minitel" (2001)


This twelve-inch single features two high energy house songs cut at 45 RPM. Side A: "Sex on the Minitel" Side B: "Man & Minitel" The record is…

Taboo, "Crac Absolument" b/w "Complètement Dèchirée" (Just'In Distribution, Year Unknown)


A truly unusual pop single featuring two tracks by Taboo about a popular messagerie called Crac. The front of the sleeve depicts a partially nude…