Minitel videotex in action

The mission of the Minitel Research Lab, USA is to create a comprehensive, independent digital Minitel museum and resource center; explore the technical, social, political and legal significance of the Minitel network; and make creative use of the machines to incite critical thinking about network design. The Lab was founded by communication researchers Julien Mailland and Kevin Driscoll. The physical collection is held in Bloomington, Indiana, at Indiana University.  We'll be happy to show it to you - just email mailland at indiana dot edu for an appointment.

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Recently Added Items

Minitel terminal in a light box


Most of the macro photography in the archive was created using this DIY lightbox.

Magis Club Access Control Card


This smart card was preprogrammed for use with Magis Minitel terminals. The packaging promises to make Minitel even easier to use.

Magis Club Access Control Card


This smart card is preprogrammed for use with an advanced Minitel terminal. It promises easy access to a variety of services. The back of the card…

France Telecom Sticker


"I'm connected on Minitel, how about you? No... Well then go pick one up at your local France Telecom branch"

Belgacom Telecard


Belgian phone card