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This twelve-inch single features two high energy house songs cut at 45 RPM. Side A: "Sex on the Minitel" Side B: "Man & Minitel" The record is packaged in a clear plastic sleeve with a small sticker. The only liner notes are the artist's name and…

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A truly unusual pop single featuring two tracks by Taboo about a popular messagerie called Crac. The front of the sleeve depicts a partially nude Taboo flying over the keyboard of a Minitel terminal with the instructions "Telephone 3615 / Tapez CRAC"…

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(Kernoa/Jean S. Berger)
"Minitel... Miniquoi?"

A: Minitel - Miniquoi 6'24 (Version Remix - Sp�cial Club)
B1: Minitel - Miniquoi 3'57
B2: Minitel (Version DJ) 1'29
B3: Minitel - Miniquoi (instrumental) 3'58

Arrangements: C. DI…

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Marie-Paule Belle "Mini-Minitel" Rom▒o Production Carrere A: Mini-Minitel 2'58 (Fran▒oise Maillet-Joris/Marie-Paule Belle) Arr: Serge P▒rathoner B: Chez Pivot * Paroles: Fran▒oise Mallet-Joris ** Musiques: Marie-Paule Belle Arrangements:…

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Noe Willer "...Sur Minitel"

A: ...Sur Minitel 5.12 (N. Willer/ N. Willer-M. Devaux) D.R.
Production: Nelly Seberg - King Kong Music
Programme Synthe: M. Devaux
Arrangements: N. Willer

B: Hollywood* 3.45 (N. Willer) D. R.
Production: Nelly…

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