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Promotional sticker for the home security service at 3614 SECURITAM

Promotional sticker for 3615 ARGUS, a Minitel service attached to L'argus, a magazine about automobiles. The text refers to the used car services available online.

Promotional sticker for 3615 CJEUNES

On this promotional sticker, 3615 EVATEL invites "smart travelers" to an online service with cheap flights, travel stories, forums, games, and more.

Promotional sticker for the Fédération Nationale Aéronautique encouraging others to "become a pilot!" In the illustration, "3615 FNA" is inscribed on the wing of a prop plane. Today, the FNA is known as la Fédération française aéronautique.

Promotional sticker for 3615 FOOTFLASH, a service for football fans.

Promotional sticker noting a Minitel service linked to Griottines cherries, a regional specialty of the Fougerolles.

Sticker promoting Minitel services for privately-owned television networks La Cinq ("5") and M6. Based on the logos, this sticker was likely produced around 1987.
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