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Platforms in the Public Interest: Lessons from Minitel, MIT, 2017

Minitel: The Online World France Built Before the Web, IEEE Spectrum, 2017

"A decade before the Internet went mainstream, French citizens were interacting via Minitel, a computer network open to anyone with a telephone...(Read more)"

Using the Minitel Experience to Build the Future of Interactive Online Media, Stanford University

Interview with Julien and Kevin, MIT Press, 2017

"Minitel offers a lived example of a mass-scale social computing platform operated in the public interest. Instead of stifling innovation, the French state provided a reliable platform for the creation of new, independent sites and services. Ironically, perhaps, Al Gore’s vision of an “information superhighway” was first realized by Minitel, a public infrastructure for private innovation...(Read more)"

Before the internet, there was Minitel, 52 Insights, 2017

"Imagine a cyberspace where your online searches do not trigger being inundated with targeted ads, where the right to be forgotten is a non-issue because your personal data is not archived and stored by internet service and content providers, and where content exchanged with your friends does not become the property of your social media platform of choice. This world did exist and it was called Minitel...(Read more)