Terminal equipment for Minitel and other videotex systems

Minitel 1
Minitel 1 terminal manufactured by Telic Alcatel.

Matracom MO5 Terminal
This Minitel 5 terminal by Matracom was designed for portability. It features a monochrome LCD on a hinge. The ports on the rear of the device include a second telephone jack for use with a carphone.

This is a Minitel terminal by Magis. It features a chip-card (also known as a "smart card") reader. The chip-card reader enabled a number of applications, from online payments using your regular bank card, to sophisticated professional banking…

Philips Minitel 2 (USA)
This Minitel 2 terminal was manufactured by Philips for the US market.

Alcatel ADF 258 (Italy)
This terminal is an Alcatel 1B re-purposed for the Italian market. It was distributed by SIP (Società Italiana per l'Esercizio Telefonico), the Italian monopoly telephone company

Alcatel V2000 (USA)
This Alcatel M1B/US (branded as "Alcatel V2000") was manufactured in 1990 by Telic Alcatel for US Friden. This particular machine is #47 in the series. It was part of a batch shipped to San Francisco as part of a venture called "101 Online." The…

Alcatel Web Touch Easy
This is a hybrid terminal designed to access both the Minitel (Teletel) network and the Internet. This model is equipped with a pointing stick, but others used a trackpad. The web browser it used was HotJava, developed by JavaSoft (part of Sun…

Alcatel Sillage
Don't be fooled by the small size of this slick designed Minitel terminal. Among other things, it included a powerful address book. The lead engineer on the France Telecom side was Bernard Louvel, who was on the original team led by Jean-Paul…

Alcatel Minitel 12
Most Minitel terminals were single units where the keyboard was attached to the screen. Minitel 12 terminals departed from this tradition. The handset rested atop the keyboard and connected through a wire to a separate CRT unit.

Alcatel Sillage 1000
This slick-looking mini-Minitel features a tiny screen and a phone combo. Built in 1995.

Telic ABCD
The first 110,000 terminals to roll out of the Telic Alcatel production line featured an alphabetical keyboard layout. France Telecom and Telic Alcatel were testing to see if path dependence could be beaten or if the AZERTY keyboard layout was to…

A farandole of terminals
Terminals chilling together at Julien's Los Angeles home