Frederic Cambus put together a very rich collection of Minitel-related links. Rather than replicating them all here, we invite you to visit


Armorhistel is the Brittany, France-based telecommunications historical research association.

In 2011, it produced an exhibit celebrating Minitel's 30th birthday. As part of the exhibit, Armorhistel produced a 10-minute video summarizing the evolution of the Minitel hardware:

Parade Minitel via QT1 by Armorhistel

Minitel : La derniere seance: "Rendez-vous a jamais"

La Cantine par Silicon Sentier, a Paris-based incubator/hacker space, organized a Minitel wake and a conference on June 29, 2012. The conference featured pioneers of the Minitel and early-French-Internet landscapes. Here is a video of the event: