Screenshots of Minitel taken during the network's last year in operation.

Screenshot of 3615 ULLA
Pornography has historically been a driver of new communication technologies. Minitel was no exception. As of December 2011, the popular 'pink Minitel' site '3615 ULLA' was still drawing significant crowds to chat rooms. Below is one of 15 pages…

Screenshot of 3615 portal
This is a photo of a 3615 portal from June 2011. This is the point at which you might enter a short code such as PLNUIT or ULLA to access a 3615 service. If you look closely, you will see that the portal also offers a searchable directory and…

Screenshot of 3615 IUTB
As of June, 2011, the Minitel site of Bordeaux University's communication school was "temporarily unavailable."

Screenshot of 3615 TELNET
'3615 TELNET' was an email system that also enabled one to send text messages to cell phones from a Minitel terminal. Last visited June 2011.

Screenshot of 3614 DDE14
The Minitel site of the roads & bridges government agency was also "temporarily unavailable" as of June of 2011

Screenshot of 3618 Minitel a Minitel
'3618 Minitel a Minitel' was a real-time one-on-one chat room operated by France Telecom. Last visited June 2011.